My First Blog Entry

My husband is making me learn to blog. I am resisting…probably out of principle. Man, am I stubborn, or what?

Well, if he’s going to “encourage” me to blog, the next month will be full of adventures for Emmy and me. She and I began rehearsals last night for Lubbock Moonlight Musicals’ production of “Annie” next month. Emmy is Molly and I am in the chorus. Takes me back to my college days except I’m older than the majority of the chorus by about 15 years. Fun times and more stories to come for certain!

Thanksgiving, Family, and Communication

Kristen's Coffee Nemesis

Kristen's Coffee Nemesis
Kristen's Coffee Nemesis

Kristen, early in the morning, while fixing coffee, “Hmmm. Chad, your creamer doesn’t seem to be making my coffee look very creamy.”

Chad, quizzically, “Wait … I don’t own any coffee creamer.”

Kristen, indignant, “Yes you do. Look right here.”

Chad, trying not to laugh, “You put that in your coffee? Did you read the label first?”

Kristen, annoyed, “Yes, of course I read the label. It says ‘Kroger Coffee Maker Creamer.'”

Chad, “Try again, sis … it says ‘Kroger Coffee Maker Cleaner.'”

Are they serious?

I can’t bring a keychain-sized pocket knife a bottle of wine or even a corkscrew on the plane. But I look up and notice the woman immediately in front of me wearing this hardcore wooden hair pin thing.

Remembering how sharp my wooden letter opener is, I’m thinking how futile it is that we (collectively) do so much to protect ourselves, only to see the simplest things pass unnoticed through the tight security.
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