Just As You Say (My Magnificat)

Matt Holtzman, Music;
Joshua Barron (With thanks to ‘Holly Bibble, ESV’
and nods to ‘Eugene Peterson’), Lyrics

This is a little song that’s perfect for Christmas.  Then again, maybe it is even more perfect for any of those countless times when we learn of God’s news to us: we have an important job to do … carry him to the world!!

The words were inspired by (and in some cases borrowed directly from) something that church folks call “The Magnificat.” Don’t be intimidated by the Latin, it is just a fancy one-word way of saying, “Mary’s profoundly beautiful response to the Angel’s news that she, though still a virgin, would bear a child … and not just any child … but Jesus the long-awaited Messiah, who would give himself to us in love, redeeming all the terrible brokenness we experience (and obsessively perpetuate).”

It’s a beautiful song.  Read her words for yourself in Luke 1:38, 1:46-55. Too bad we don’t know the tune … I suppose this little offering might suffice …

So why am I posting about this in 2010?  Well, we originally wrote this back in 2004, but I just don’t have a great recording of it.  The recordings I do have don’t include my favorite part, which is where the voices engage in a ‘simultaneous contrapuntal quodlibet,’ which is a fancy way of saying ‘a very old school mashup within one song that makes use of contrary motion but still sounds really cool.’

Anyhow, back to the video … a few days ago I got a really cool surprise when Matt called and invited me to go online and watch a particular church service in which he was leading the music.  So, in this video the song was performed by Matt Holtzman and the worship band he leads at the contemporary service of First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Short Explanation: This is one of my favorite Christmas surprises of all time.  Thanks, Matteo, I love you!!!!!

©2004 Far From Fryin’ Music

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