Fractions are your friends!

I am so excited that Daddy has taught me how to post on! You have probably noticed the title, and are thinking to yourself, “What? This kid is crazy!” I’m really not. You just may have not had a math teacher who taught you all of the cool stuff I am learning in 5th grade. (Thank you Mrs. Ramsey!!!)

Here are three things I remember:

  1. Never add or subtract denominators! You must find a common denominator.
  2. Fractions demand equal rights! When you are finding a common denominator, you need to do to the numerator whatever you do to the denominator.
  3. Fractions are your friends! If you don’t panic around fractions and use these strageties, fractions will like you and make things easy for you!

It is so important that you know how to work with fractions because I realize, sitting here with Caed watching Oklahoma St. play Oklahoma (college football), that you deal with fractions all of your life. The game is divided into four quarters. The field is divided into tenths. I have learned so much in my first semester of fifth grade and can hardly believe that it is almost over. In case you are wondering. Caed is a die-hard OK St. fan and dislikes the Sooners just as much. Watch for more posts!


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