Bring it.

Psalm 27

“Bring it.”

Bring it, world … I will walk through today in the confidence of one who saves.  I can take heart that I will see the creator and king bring his good to reality in this place, this time, redeeming it for me, and moreover, for his own glory. 

Bring it, work … I will be oppressed, heck … I am oppressed, but my confidence is not in my own ability to manage it all.  I am confident that the Lord receives me.

Bring it, economy … the Lord keeps me safe in his house … I trust in the provision and protection of the Father.

Bring it, today … because I dwell in/dwell on the beautiful face of the one who has called me his own, drawn me to himself, and who woos my deceitful heart to cry out in all sincerity, “Your face, God … let me see your face turned toward me.  Your righteousness, your judgement, your grace, mercy, and love.”

Bring it.

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