Psalm 63

I’m so hungry I can’t stand it.  I’m sleepy with no rest.  I’m thirsty and tired of the desert sand.  There is only one satisfaction that I’m pursuing: to see you face to face … to behold and experience your glory face to face.  There is nothing like knowing and walking with you, even when everything else pretends to be as deep and fulfilling; only you satisfy.

I can’t sleep I’m so excited … which is saying something for someone like me, just ask anyone who’s laughed at my sleepyheaded-ness in the middle of the afternoon.  But when I’m focused on you (your character, your faithfulness, your grace, your sacrifice, your glory) I just want to dance.  Actually, sometimes I don’t stop at wanting to dance, I actually do.  Yep, even this whiteboy gets a little bounce, some toe tappin’, spinning, and rhythm when I look at your face.  There is a deep longing in my heart to know you more, to have every fiber in my being, emotion in my heart, and minute of my time filled up with your presence, your wisdom, and your peace.

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