Saturday, December 25, 2004

Just posted the lyrics to a song that Matt & I wrote last week and Kristen performed with the band last Sunday in church.

It was a really cool moment to sing together this awesome song that comes straight out of the text … Mary’s thoughts are so profound and statements so bold … when I consider what was about to happen to her socially and hear this song of faith leap out of her mouth, such strong confessional statements about God and his greatness.

It just hit me that there are so many songs about Mary at Christmas-time, but that Mary’s confession about God and carrying his son to the world should not be relegated to December, or to women, but to all believers.

So I sat down with the text, started cranking out the words, told Matt that the music had to be a woman’s expressive dance, and handed him each verse as they came.  He sang and played, I made a few changes, added the second chorus (which is sung over the first one like a quodlibet), and all of the sudden we stopped and looked at each other, amazed to hear this powerful declaration of God’s greatness and our part in his master plan … like I say, it was surreal … soreallycool.

Fifteen … maybe twenty minutes tops … handed to us from the inventor of music, for His glory.  Amazing. (and lots of fun!!)

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