Assessing Self: Extending Student Assessment to Involve Students as Assessors


A man's eyes bug out as he reads the mountain of text before him.Short Paper, 15% (June 30): You will write a 1500-2000 word paper which should attempt to extend the discussion of a specific topic or methodology beyond the scope of class discussions and readings. In addition to including sources from class readings, this paper should incorporate additional research (at least 3-5 new sources) to develop its thesis. See the Grading Rubric section [of the course syllabus] for ideas on methods of writing and development. A functional link to this assignment must be posted on the online portfolio by the due date along with a short abstract.


It seems that most of our readings center on what the institution is trying to do, what the department is trying to accomplish and communicate, what the program and/or instructor is after. This paper approaches the assessment conversation from a slightly more rhetorically-oriented position, wherein student perception, student motivation, and student ownership might be made more central to the assessment process.

Keywords: self-efficacy, self-assessment, motivation, assessment

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JRB-Short Paper-ENGL 5365-Lang-Summer 2010-Final Version

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