Technical Communication – Strengths

A concise list of my Technical Communication strengths:

  • Application Design
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Features/Functionality
    • User Interface
  • Project Management
  • Brainstorming/Creative Thinking
  • Concept Transplantation
  • Knowledge Management/Knowledge Transfer
  • Thinking Strategically while Acting Practically
  • Moving Ahead Quickly

5365 Basecamp Site

So as usual, I had trouble sleeping early this morning, and woke up remembering Basecamp.  This is one of my favorite Web 2.0 applications that is designed to easily facilitate collaboration between members of a project team.  So I set up a Basecamp site for the ENGL 5365 class to see if it would be helpful in collaborating on our final class project.

I’ll be curious to see if they agree that it is a useful tool, or if they have a different take on the matter.

 Anyhow, here’s the handy link for me to remember how to log in:


Introduction to New Media via Technical Communications

This posting is to introduce and explain a whole set of forthcoming postings on New Media and Technical Communications, which until recently, were not an official part of the Barron Family Adventures.

This week, however, I began a course (ENGL 5365) with Dr. Rich Rice and 7 other students in the Ph.D. program in Technical Communication at Texas Tech University [ENGL 5365].  Part of the course requirements include posting to my blog about things that we’re working on, things that I’m reading, and things that we’re discussing in class.  So, as you view these postings, keep all this in mind.  I have not suddenly decided that it is important that my children learn more about new media … but that I am suddenly immersed officially in the things I’ve been learning about through experience for a number of years.