2nd Grade Memories

The best book I read … One Handed Catch or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, or The Chocolate Touch

My advice for future 2nd graders … Don’t show Pokemon.

Something I wish I could do again … I want to do Buddy Field Day again.

My favorite lesson … My favorite lesson is multipaction.

The career I want to pursue … I want to play sports.


A Diamond


Disappearing      Vanishing

No                  More              Animals

There                Is                 Less                Food

Sad            Mad            Angry            Worried            Scared

Happy            Joyful            Greatful            Satified            Safe

There                Is                 More                Food

Lots                  More              Animals

Conserving      Recycling


 Submitted to the 2013 Nature Poetry Contest at Roscoe Wilson Elementary.