Send Emmy to Belize in 2014

Send Emmy to Belize 2014-web
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I am raising money to go with my Granna on a mission trip to Belize, Central America.

To do this, I am inviting you to buy these lovely poinsettias grown by Ivey Gardens in Lubbock, Texas.

They are fourteen dollars each, and they come in four beautiful varieties:

Snow White, Rosy Pink, Scarlet Red, & Mixed Marble.

Call 806-793-3376 or email to place your order.

I will deliver to you on December 6!

More details about Belize and my trip are on the flyer … click the picture to learn more!

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Pine Cove Summary

Wow. This year has been so different, but so good. Last year we left newly committed to bringing the gospel-centeredness, family emphasis, servant-heartedness, energy, biblical intensity, and fun back into our home for the other 51 weeks of the year.

I can honestly say that I think we’ve done this: not uniformly or religiously, but with growing consistency, depth, and impact. This year hasn’t been so much a call to arms/action as it has been a call to follow through, buckle down, and “man up.”

I’m even more encouraged to write, to finish up my remaining coursework, to finally put work in its appropriate priority level, move the ball in my church, date my wife, play with my children, and much more.

It is a long list, but I will consider it all prayerfully and put it into action. My only other comment tonight is, “yay, Picnic Date Night!!

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