The Place

Lying in my room
Tired from reading for once
I open the windows and light comes in

As the light comes in
Lovely ideas enter
I let the river stream in through my place

There is a small hill
It’s covered in violets
White narcissus, gentle pink Mayflowers
October poppies, tickling daises, roaring snapdragons, and roses galore

 A wonderful hill
Then my eyes shift to the plains
Oh! What beautiful rolling plains they are!

Golden stalks of wheat
Waving in the gentle wind
Lilac spots of heather, pearl hydrangea

 A million miles on
I spy a girl gazing far
Gazing at something, oh, what could it be?
Is it the coastline? Can she see the sea? A mermaid at play? Now what could it be?

Curious, I turn
And look at what e’er she sees
And what did we see there together? Oh!

What I saw … unique
A golden gleaming sunset
Leaving streaks of rainbows across the sky

Rainbows of color
Amethyst, scarlet, and rose
Emerald, coral, azure, and saffron
Iridescent light!  Intricate prisms! Beckoning sunbeams! Kaleidoscope skies!

Glance straying back to her
Magnificent crimson hair
Starry lavender eyes, glossy smooth skin.

Wise and mature, joyful, kind
Like someone with whom I could be a friend

Out of reverie
I am alone in my room
Am I sad? No!  Imagination is …
The Place to escape.  The Place to enjoy. The Place for big dreams.  The Place light comes in.