God’s Small Pleasures

Two weeks ago I started junior high school at Talkington SYWL. So far, it’s been pretty much your typical middle school experience. Kind of. Yes, there are passing periods, lockers, homework, and friends. However, there are absolutely no boys, which has been weird and fun all at once, and we wear uniforms. In spite of those small trifles, I’ve loved how grown up I’ve felt. I’ve never felt more free to be myself. But mostly, I have simply been so grateful to be at a school that will challenge me to do better and gives me many undeserved priveleges. So yes, these things are small pleasures, but we rejoice. God’s pleasures are so good.

Growing Up

Growing up. It is such a crazy biz, full of challenges, struggles, excitement, and fun. I learn this especially as I prepare to go to middle school in the coming months. There are many stressful things that I am experiencing, choosing a middle school and my electives, facing relationships that will change, new teachers, a new school… the list goes on and on. I am so thankful for the family that God has given me to help me work through this challenging time. I pray that I can learn to control my changing emotions, and that God would give me wisdom to know what is best for me. I pray that I would grow closer to instead of farther away from my family because they wil support me. Thank you God that you can these things. Until next time! đŸ™‚ EB

Favorite memories of 2013

Emmy: Pine Cove and my baptism and Les Miserables.

Caed: Holiday Bowl win for TTU. Pine Cove with Andrew Paul. Auburn’s run to the National Championship (win or lose). Bowl Pic Em with Uncle David.

Hallie: Pine Cove. Celebrating the birth of Jesus. Getting to spend a lot of time with my family.

Cannon: Playing with my spinning tops. Neighborhood Academy, and speech with Miss Brittany

Mommy: Emmy’s interview and baptism. Being a part of Les Miz. Labor Day weekend at the lake. Family trip (minus Cannon) to Dallas with Perot Museum. Buchanan Associates 25 year anniversary party.

Daddy: Kissing Mommy. Standing Ovation for Ken Davis Chorale and Les Miz. Baptizing Emmy. Coaching Caed and Hallie. Early morning skiing with David and Caed and Nathan. Cannon asking, during a lull in the WPC Christmas service, “Mama, can I have a go bye-bye, please?” Reading aloud the last book of the Wingfeather Saga with our kids. Being officially promoted and appreciated at work. Finishing my last PhD class and moving (finally) into the last parts of this degree.

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