Saturday, December 25, 2004

Just As You Say (Mary’s Song) or My Magnificat

Josh Barron & Matt Holtzman ©2004 farfromfryin Luke 1:38,46-55

Verse 1

I am bursting with this joyful song
Lungs can’t contain it and feet dance along
God has promised a rescue to come
Today I learned that I am the one

Hear the news that the Father would choose
One so small to love with his all
How is it I may carry his love
Only by hands of God up above


1 2
He is holy
Set apart
He is holy
Set apart
Lord, let it be
Just as you say.
Bowing down
I will kneel
Bowing down
I will kneel
Lord, let it be
Just as you say.

Verse 2

His mercy flows wave after wave
We tremble before his mighty gaze
Before his hand no army can stand
He lifts up the poor and heals our land

Not drawn to wealth but near broken hearts
The people rejoice as his grace he imparts
The proud will never know his embrace
But when I bow down he lifts up my face



upon each confining wall may be found
insignificant hardware
inviting the mystical filament
into illumination
yet hope wanes despairing in darkness

avoiding sharp corners, stubbing the toes
bruising shins oft’ exposed by
timid adventures while exhaustion grows
climaxing in frustration
and fumbling surrender to darkness

candles – a million – one flick away with
laughter not drug but symptom
familiarity breeds contempt they say
when will we tire of shadows
and enter new bliss free from darkness?

stubborn, the plastic still aims at the floor
though “on” incessantly begs
curious cats who dogged persist in
killing their own twilight quests
to embrace and infect those in darkness

©2004 Joshua Ryan Barron