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Kristen's Coffee Nemesis

Kristen's Coffee Nemesis
Kristen's Coffee Nemesis

Kristen, early in the morning, while fixing coffee, “Hmmm. Chad, your creamer doesn’t seem to be making my coffee look very creamy.”

Chad, quizzically, “Wait … I don’t own any coffee creamer.”

Kristen, indignant, “Yes you do. Look right here.”

Chad, trying not to laugh, “You put that in your coffee? Did you read the label first?”

Kristen, annoyed, “Yes, of course I read the label. It says ‘Kroger Coffee Maker Creamer.'”

Chad, “Try again, sis … it says ‘Kroger Coffee Maker Cleaner.'”

Thursday, January 06, 2005

So – the top of my xanga looks different today – still needs some work, obviously, but it really wasn’t too hard to do.  kinda fun … feel like my old nerdy programming self …

Belize statements are out – wish those folks who owed money would get it to me so I could have that monkey off my back … but hey – that’s how it goes, right?  Spent some time praying with the McIntoshs and Ciarra and TNelson and Jason and Jessie and Holtzman last night. Then I went home to find Kris watching the 2 hour premier of Alias … just seems like a soap opera based on Mission Impossible to me.  Kris and I agree the hot chick as the star makes it all happen.  Last night they introduced another hot chick, who vowed to kill [unknowingly] her own father at the end of the show.  Well – there’s the plotline for the whole season, I’m sure. 

Ding was hanging out — she and Kristen are huge Alias fans — she gave me a shoulder rub while we all watched the show – that girl has some magic in her hands.  Kristen sat the whole time in a funny position to get Cæd to flip over  – she was uncomfortable and that was bad, but the whole thing was pretty comical looking back. Her brother Chad was there – to make her feel better, he sat the way she did for the whole 45 minute stretch – which made her laugh, and that is definitely hard to do when you are 9 months pregnant and have your knees pulled up to your chest.

Then Ding left, Krist went to bed and Chad and I watched Brad Pitt kick some serious butt in Troy.  It was an awesome movie. Epic. Good Times. So I stayed up too late, of course, watching all that extra stuff on the DVD – I’m such a sucker to see how they pulled it all off.  BTW – Kristen makes a great tortilla soup, which reminds me …

It is officially time for lunch, so I’m off to do some grubbin’.

Dueces? [ Mendoza says that & he’s puma cool, so I thought I’d try.  Doesn’t work too well for me does it?]