Resurrection Road: Day 1

Today our family participated in Redeemer’s first conference on Family Worship.  Amy Thompson our Lead Pastor’s wife, has apparently busted her tail to write 19 days of curriculum leading up to Resurrection (Easter) Sunday, something along the lines of an Advent series that would prepare us for Christmas.  For a church that is deliberately program-skinny, it is really helpful for our families (where we believe the bulk of our discipleship should be happening) to get together and discuss ways of leading, ways of serving, ways of living, and ways of following Christ.  Today’s conference was a (two-hour) time of discussing God’s purpose in worship, our lives as offerings to God, and practical ways of worshiping corporately as families.

So tonight, after having an unplanned hang-time at Blue Sky Cafe with the Hedges, the Greshams, and the Miersmas, we came home and added some elements to our bedtime routine and “Family Devos.” (Pine Cove families and counselors … yes, you should do the chant here.)

  1. First, a candle (in our case, the “Joy” candle).  [Hey, the Thompsons have a candle, and I’m a closet pyro, so why not?!?]
  2. Then we actually sang a song (planned) as opposed to the random singing we typically do (
  3. Then, an egg hunt for egg number one (that had, yes JJ, chocolate inside) and
  4. a reading from Luke of how Jesus himself showed up to explain all the scriptures to Cleopas and Simon.
    This is our job as parents … to show up, worship authentically with our lives, which overflows into special moments we deliberately craft … all of which moves us toward showing our children firsthand how all the scriptures point clearly and directly to the glory of God revealed in the sacrificial, atoning propitiation of our sin by Jesus the Christ.

Emmy said later, “Hey, Daddy.  Just so you know, I really liked it.  It will get even better, I know … but I thought it was really good that we were so organized.”

So there you go, straight from the eight year-old.

For the record, my favorite part was playing the piano and having my whole family gathered around to sing their hearts out to the glory of our Father.  Beautiful.

Alissa’s Famous Balls

Picture of a stack of regular Oreo Cookies, plus a bowl full of the finished treats, including one that is missing a bite (which shows the inside).It is a funny thing: living in community.

Emmy was “Shanti” in the Hub City Performing Arts performance of Jungle Book Kids this weekend, and she had a blast.  The grandparents came, Great-grandma Lynn braved the sun (outdoor performance at Vintage Township), and the Pillers came as well.  These folks are all like family to us, the great generation that looks in on our lives and cheers us on.  It is wonderful to have that kind of support from people who’ve “been there, done that.”

But what about the other folks that came to support and cheer for our daughter?  Oh, just a bunch of people who could easily be anywhere else, doing a whole host of things, but they chose to come and support our seven-year-old instead.  Andy & Alissa Hedges brought Andy’s little sister Anna, Buzzy & Heidi Gresham brought themselves (along with an announcement about their upcoming Christmas addition), and Collin and Cassie Foster brought serendipitous stories about how Cassie had accidentally been listening to the Jungle Book soundtrack all day long … then Collin announced a surprise date to the kids’ performance.

Anyhow, Alissa has made these delicious truffly desert balls a couple of times in the past few months, and their core ingredient is Oreo cookies (a Barron family favorite).  Emmy is especially fond of these, so as a surprise, Alissa thought she’d go to the trouble to make a special batch for our little star.

After the performance, which was wonderful (pictures posted at, Emmy comes out to greet her fans and receive the flowers, accolades, etc., that a little diva typically gets at these occasions.  As she turned to see Alissa handing her a tray of “Oreo Balls” she says, in her most dramatic (but seriously appreciative) voice:

“Alissa, your balls are famous.”

There you have it, friends … life in community.