Proposed: Assessment Plan for Undecided Students


I have developed a 1000-1200 word project proposal that explains the rationale for my final project and outlines its major components. This includes a task-based timeline.  A functional link to this assignment was posted on the online portfolio by the due date along with this short abstract.


To complete this assignment I have chosen to focus on my own professional environment, which needs the benefit of this content, and which will professionally afford me the time required to complete the assigned project at a level of professionalism and quality with which I am capable.

Keywords: Assessment Plan, Proposal, PhD, Assignments, Lang, ENGL 5365, Summer 2010, Assessment, Academic Advising, Texas Tech University

Link to File

My assignment file is located here:  JRB-Assessment Proposal.

Author’s Note

The author wishes to thank Dr. Elizabeth Teagan for recruiting me to this professional role, for entrusting me with these opportunities, and for supporting me in pursuing a terminal degree in this field that I enjoy and value so highly.

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