Pine Cove Summary

Wow. This year has been so different, but so good. Last year we left newly committed to bringing the gospel-centeredness, family emphasis, servant-heartedness, energy, biblical intensity, and fun back into our home for the other 51 weeks of the year.

I can honestly say that I think we’ve done this: not uniformly or religiously, but with growing consistency, depth, and impact. This year hasn’t been so much a call to arms/action as it has been a call to follow through, buckle down, and “man up.”

I’m even more encouraged to write, to finish up my remaining coursework, to finally put work in its appropriate priority level, move the ball in my church, date my wife, play with my children, and much more.

It is a long list, but I will consider it all prayerfully and put it into action. My only other comment tonight is, “yay, Picnic Date Night!!

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Resurrection Road: Day 1

Today our family participated in Redeemer’s first conference on Family Worship.  Amy Thompson our Lead Pastor’s wife, has apparently busted her tail to write 19 days of curriculum leading up to Resurrection (Easter) Sunday, something along the lines of an Advent series that would prepare us for Christmas.  For a church that is deliberately program-skinny, it is really helpful for our families (where we believe the bulk of our discipleship should be happening) to get together and discuss ways of leading, ways of serving, ways of living, and ways of following Christ.  Today’s conference was a (two-hour) time of discussing God’s purpose in worship, our lives as offerings to God, and practical ways of worshiping corporately as families.

So tonight, after having an unplanned hang-time at Blue Sky Cafe with the Hedges, the Greshams, and the Miersmas, we came home and added some elements to our bedtime routine and “Family Devos.” (Pine Cove families and counselors … yes, you should do the chant here.)

  1. First, a candle (in our case, the “Joy” candle).  [Hey, the Thompsons have a candle, and I’m a closet pyro, so why not?!?]
  2. Then we actually sang a song (planned) as opposed to the random singing we typically do (
  3. Then, an egg hunt for egg number one (that had, yes JJ, chocolate inside) and
  4. a reading from Luke of how Jesus himself showed up to explain all the scriptures to Cleopas and Simon.
    This is our job as parents … to show up, worship authentically with our lives, which overflows into special moments we deliberately craft … all of which moves us toward showing our children firsthand how all the scriptures point clearly and directly to the glory of God revealed in the sacrificial, atoning propitiation of our sin by Jesus the Christ.

Emmy said later, “Hey, Daddy.  Just so you know, I really liked it.  It will get even better, I know … but I thought it was really good that we were so organized.”

So there you go, straight from the eight year-old.

For the record, my favorite part was playing the piano and having my whole family gathered around to sing their hearts out to the glory of our Father.  Beautiful.

The Small Things that Matter

Today at 4:15pm Jane came into my office and informed me that I had a surprise waiting in the front office.  Now, the last time I heard words like that, my wife was telling me that she was, indeed, pregnant.  Today, however, it wasn’t anything like that (whew!).

Instead, when I went out to the front office, I found my wife and all of our four children waiting expectantly to give me a warm welcome, a cuddly hug, and a cold 44 ounce coke direct from Sonic.

Now that may sound like a small thing to you, but I can’t get it out of my head.  I felt incredibly, completely, deeply loved.  I felt special.  I felt valued.

It was awesome.


Thank you Kristen, Emmy, Caedmon, Hallie, and Cannon … I only hope I can make each of you feel (always) as you made me feel today.


P.S. Kris, I was really impressed that you were able to buy the drink before 4pm, as well … half-price happy hour at Sonic rocks!  You go, saver!